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Retail Franchisee Websites

Retail Franchisee Websites

Less than half of Top 100 Retail Franchises provide a full website to their franchisees


Of the 63.2% of Top 100 Retail Franchises that provide an online presence on the brand’s main site to their franchisees, only 42.9% actually offer them a full website, often with e-commerce capabilities.

41.4% of leading retail franchisors only provide a “single page” type of presence, many of whom barely qualifies as real value, albeit often limited, with outdated or incorrect information.


 41.4% of Top 100 Retail Franchisee websites are made of just one page

top 100 retail franchises digital marketting report 2016 franchisee websites


15.7% of Top 100 Retail Franchises are offering at least a multiple-page presence for their franchisees – aka “Mini Sites” - with basic localized information but no e-commerce capabilities.

The type of website provided under the umbrella brand does not depend on the overall size of the retail franchise company, further hinting that franchisee visibility is a matter of strategy, not overall budget.

By providing full websites themselves, franchisors can enjoy higher marketing fees, lower maintenance costs and a consistent brand identity across the board.

For potential franchisees, out-of-the-box branded franchisee websites are often a decisive onboarding factor in the more competitive markets.

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