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Retail Franchise Ecommerce by Sector

Retail Franchise Ecommerce by Sector

Most business sectors of Top 100 Retail Franchises aren’t e-commerce-friendly


Even the most ecommerce-friendly sectors for Top 100 Retail Franchises show low rates for franchisee’s adoption of ecommerce.

Around 1/3 of franchisees benefit from ecommerce in the Home Improvement, Food & Beverages , and Recreation sectors, 1/5 of franchisees in Fashion & Beauty, Children’s, and Miscellaneous Retail, and only 1/10 in Appliances & Electronics.


 25.4% of Top 100 Retail Franchisees are e-commerce-enabled (in average, for the 7 best sectors)

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In all other franchising industries, the ecommerce deployment rate is anecdotic for Top 100 Retail Franchises’ local franchisees.

A few sectors (Health Care, Automotive, Personal Services...), are admittedly ill-suited for ecommerce, but many others such as Office Supplies, Flowers, or Pet Services, could deploy online shopping throughout their network.

Setting up a relevant ecommerce system for a multi-unit franchise network is no walk in the park and deeply impacts the franchisor/franchisee relationship.

Yet such systems are successfully and routinely deployed, offering a tremendous competitive edge to franchises who know when the time is right to meet a growing demand.

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