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Social Media Strategy for Small Business in 7 Easy Steps

Social Media Strategy for Small Business in 7 Easy Steps

Step 3: Segment Your Social Channels

Step 3: Segment Your Social Channels

Since social media is no homogeneous space, successful brands have learned to segment their social networks in channels based on specific rules and uses.

By doing so yourself, you will be able to craft content and messages for your preferred target audiences, and leverage the full power of each social network’s strong suits.

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What Social Channels Are Best For

You need to find the right social channels to convey each message in order to obtain maximum impact and engagement.

Let’s look at examples of what each of the most popular social networks are best at:


Match Social Channels With Audiences

Matching social audiences and messages with specific channels will quickly help you meet your target audiences’ expectations.

Adapting your social media strategy to each social network is no guarantee that your will do everything right, but will certainly prevent you from doing it completely wrong.

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Social Channels: Facebook

social media strategy guide smb 3 channels 03Touting over 1 billion users, Facebook is the most popular and widely spread social network, touching every possible age group with almost an even split between women (45%) and men (55%), which makes it a prime channel to raise brand awareness, promote informative content, and therefore increase organic traffic to your website.


Social Channels: Twitter

social media strategy guide smb 3 channels 04With half a billion tweets being sent daily, Twitter a great channel for simple sales messages with a straightforward proposition, business development and customer relationships, and to let you interact with your audience at every stage of the engagement process.


Social Channels: LinkedIn

social media strategy guide smb 3 channels 05Built as a professional network, LinkedIn is a business-minded social network, and a perfect channel to research and develop business B2B and B2C relationships. LinkedIn is where a young company can become a top influencer by bringing high value content to like-minded professionals, find talented individuals and new partnerships.


Social Channels: Pinterest

social media strategy guide smb 3 channels 06Far from being a simple image-sharing platform, Pinterest is a visually oriented social network that can be of high value for retailers. Primarily used by women (85%) interested in leisure services and products, Pinterest offers exclusive features (Rich Pins, boards...) that can yield tremendous results in terms of sales and brand recognition.


Social Channels: Google+

social media strategy guide smb 3 channels 07Google+ is also a major social channel, if mostly for SEO and content marketing purposes. From integrations with Gmail, Maps or Youtube, to MyBusiness, Hangouts and Authorship, Google+ has a lot to offer and should be part of your social media strategy despite a smaller overall audience.


Social Channels: Others

social media strategy guide smb 3 channels 08While mobile-only Instagram is great to target younger crowds, Tumblr has proved a great viral marketing tool, both offering further avenues for any marketing campaign that proved successful on other social channels.

While not a social platform by nature, Youtube is the foremost channel to share videos and informally interact with media-minded audiences.


Social Channels Key Take-Aways

Social Channels Digest

Download Social Media Strategy for Small Business in 7 Easy Steps

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