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Free preliminary ADA WCAG compliance evaluation results

SeoSamba's automated compliance check engine found the following types of issues for . Keep in mind that, while useful to seize up the amount of work at hand, automated pre-audit tools can not fully identify nor confirm the actual validity of all reported issues. Only our seasoned compliance experts can do this.


 The good news is that we can fix it!

Depending on your website platform and how your website is architectured, cost to fix the existing can vary greatly. By the way of example, in our experience it could cost between $Sum x $50 = $ Result1 and $Sum x $200 = $ Result2 to fix the template used by the page at WEBSITE URL.

Now, there might be better alternatives than fully auditing and fixing all your existing brand websites assets, and we look forward to helping you achieve compliance in the most cost-effective way. Contact us below and together let's find out whether getting your website assets audited by one of our seasoned ADA compliance experts is the best way to proceed.

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