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SeoSamba Manifesto

We don't hurt people!

Silicon Valley loves to pump up small business marketing technology and services companies all the way to Wall Street.

They fund companies that spend unbelievable amounts of money to market and sell technology that is thin on benefits and thick on hype. They need to acquire new subscriptions faster than they lose disgruntled customers.

Go public or go bust

In the process, they hurt millions of small business owners who are lured with false promises, before Wall Street takes over and often hurts them again as mom and pop investors.

These marketing companies' know-how is primarily in raising funds. They don’t have to market themselves on a shoe-string budget. As a result, unless you raise millions, they can’t possibly help you market your products and services.

SeoSamba is different.

We've built our software sustainably over the past fourteen years.

During that time we've compensated our initial lack of features by over-managing and over-delivering services, one valuable client at a time. We've certainly had our ups and downs, made mistakes along the way, and it made me sick to my stomach when we did. But we've done everything we could not to hurt people over these years, and if the feedback we’ve received, and our retention rate, is any indication, we've delivered more joy than pain. We've also learned, refined our formula, and reinvested everything we earned into software research and development and customer service.

Today we offer a marketing solution that I believe no small business should go without. A solution that I’m truly proud of and that can grow with you.

michel leconteIt’s a solid, no-nonsense foundation for any business, one that is grounded with small business priorities--the same marketing priorities we have for our own business and that we share with our customers.

I invite you to check out our amazing Marketing Operating System,  and our CRM with built-in sales automation as they both deliver amazing value for your hard-earned dollars. Browse our site, contact us, or find out more about our vision for your marketing. The choice is yours. In any case I hope to meet you soon.


Michel Leconte

Co-founder & CEO

“Everything's got a moral, if only you can find it.” Lewis Carroll


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