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Toasted Website of the Week: Cellar Angels Brings Online Wine Retailing To New Heights

Jan 18, 2021


Sophisticated subscription-based web store with advanced functionality and design needs selects SeoToaster Ultimate CRM as its shopping cart, sales, customer relationship management, and marketing automation solution. 

As your private online sommelier, Cellar Angels is a digital wine curator providing an exclusive virtual journey to one of Earth’s most breathtaking wine destinations.  Through video interviews, online blogs, and social media journey documentation, wine lovers discover the intimate stories of Cellar Angels’ passionate and talented winemaking partners. In addition to a wine marketplace with some of the most exclusive wines, Cellar Angels also provide a subscription-based product, its subscribers get private access to Napa and Sonoma’s highest caliber, limited production wines rarely available in the market. 


Cellar Angels had a very specific idea in mind about their online presence. Unique clean branding and sophisticated marketing requirements for its e-commerce platform. 


“The SeoSamba team was very efficient, wonderfully responsive, and involved every step of the way. They provided expert examples and were able to proactively resolve issues before they become problems. Really enjoyed working with them and highly recommend it.” Says Martin Cody, Cellar Angels’ President.


Support for a subscription-based model to allow for wine club subscribers management and billing quarterly;


  • Cellar Angels high powered buyers are often time-constrained, and Cellar Angels extend a concierge service to help them shop their premium selection, and thanks to the built-in SeoToaster masquerading feature, their staff can affect the purchase on behalf of buyers as requested;
  • The payment method is vaulted with the payment processor, keeping clients’ financial information securely encrypted at all times while offering a convenient checkout and repeat the business experience. By design, SeoToaster never retains credit card information in web stores letting both merchants and their clients sleep better at night;
  • Wine enthusiasts also get an online taste of Cellar Angels’ mission to support non-profits and phenomenal charity work; customers get to choose a charity that tugs most at their heart and Cellar Angels donate a percentage of the transaction’s proceeds.  SeoToaster allows for convenient reporting to facilitate donation allocation.
  • Create product lists easily. The best part is that these product lists automatically refresh themselves throughout the site as products are simply added to the catalog and tagged. A hassle-free way to update the site and its numerous products collection.
  • Shipping provider integration. FedEx module plugin, Real-time shipping quotes from FedEx integrated right into the cart checkout page.
  • Payment gateway integration: SeoToaster’s E-commerce website integrates seamlessly with Braintree on It allows for both one-time purchases and recurring billing for memberships
  • E-commerce remarketing: Using the SeoToaster Ultimate CRM, the Cellar Angels team taps into the completed checkout sessions, generates the saved contact info from guest registration for each particular product and specific products with single product coupon codes via Text messages or email. Thanks to SeoToaster’s guest registration, all contact information of abandoned checkouts are saved for remarketing campaigns. 
Ecommerce automation


About Cellar Angels


As your private online sommelier, Cellar Angels invites you on an exclusive virtual journey to one of Earth's most breathtaking wine destinations. Through our video interviews, you'll discover the intimate stories of our passionate and talented winemaking partners. You'll gain private access to Napa and Sonoma’s highest caliber, limited production wines rarely available in the market. And you'll enjoy one-of-a-kind opportunities like private VIP winemaker tastings, personally signed bottles, and interactive virtual tastings.


About SeoToaster Ultimate CRM


SeoToaster is the 3-in-1 Open Source Content Management System, Shopping Cart, and full-fledged Customer Relationship Management system supported by SeoSamba.


SeoToaster Ultimate CRM is ideal for any website-centric organization or campaign, as it ships with its mobile-friendly landing pages builder, full-blown Content Management System SeoToaster CMS which includes natively a Blog, and Shopping Cart SeoToaster Ecommerce that supports digital downloads and various subscription models.


SeoToaster is the most advanced SEO CMS and Ecommerce platform right out of the box, and its integrated CRM tracks ad campaign effectiveness, behaviors across sites, downloads, chat conversations, phone calls, SMS/text, open emails & attachments, store amounts transactions, and more. It ships with product-level workflows, drip campaigns.


SeoToaster is used throughout the world, available in 14 languages, and is expandable at will thanks to its open-source license, plug-in SDK, and restful API.


SeoToaster Ultimate CRM is available on-premise or as a cloud edition and comes with a companion CRM mobile app.


Finally, SeoToaster is ideal for ambitious, multi-websites, or multi-location businesses as it features a unique architecture that grows with you:

Pilot your SEO, social, review, email marketing for multiple websites, and more from a SeoSamba Marketing Operating System account. 


About SeoSamba


SeoSamba offers custom white label marketing software for agencies and marketing services providers. SeoSamba’s marketing automation software is built around a hybrid hub-and-spoke framework, offering our private-label partners’ unmatched flexibility and scaling at cost-efficient pricing. With SeoSamba, WordPress or SeoToaster-powered websites act as spokes, while our marketing platform serves as the hub that connects the sites using centralized execution.


  Our centralized execution hub offers:


  • Consolidated review management with Google and Facebook 
  • Email newsletter marketing services
  • Social media curation
  • Social media calendar and its companion mobile app
  • Telephony services with call tracking
  • Press Release distribution 


And with at least one website connected to the platform: 


  • Rule-based Search Engine Optimization and automation
  • Centralized blog posts and social marketing distribution
  • Consolidated inbound forms, ecommerce transactions, and call tracking
  • Networked content and app distribution
  • Search engine ranking tracking
  • Website analytics


For more information about SeoSamba, visit or contact, and in the 


US: + 1 (877)-450-9894 or in Europe at +33-(644)-600-678

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