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Mobile CRM App, Facebook and Google Ads Audience Remarketing Workflows and Dynamic Number Insertion

Dec 31, 2020

Mobile CRM App, Facebook and Google Ads Audience Remarketing Workflows and Dynamic Number Insertion


Our little elves have been busy as can be in their workshop this December to make sure our gift to you was ready in time.  Just in time for the holidays, SeoSamba is happy to announce we’ve added two new features that will help you streamline your marketing efforts as we push forward into the new year.


SeoSamba Adds Two New Advertising Features and Releases a Fresh Mobile App CRM Version

New Features for your CRM Mobile App

Download your CRM Application for Apple and Android and get all your leads at your fingertips!

Push Notifications
Receive incoming call push notifications from your SeoSamba CRM mobile App as your phone rings. We display the Net Promoter Score associated with that contact, the amount of any open opportuntiies and Its associated closing date. Your app will then prompt you after a call to enter details about that call or modify the name associated with the record, all from the app!


Adding New Leads 


No need to log into your CRM from your desktop when you have new leads to enter, just open your CRM application and add new contacts right from your mobile device.  You’ll never lose or forget about a new contact again! 


Remarketing / Audience Ad Automation

Strategically show ads for your business to contacts in your Customer Relationship Management system as they browse Google or Facebook. 


They don’t need to have previously visited your website (although you can also easily do this and we can help you there too), all you need is to have their email address in your SeoSamba powered CRM. Google and Facebook will then try to match them to a user profile on their services, so that your ads can show specifically for these folks.


Retargeting those who’ve already interacted with your brand can Increase conversion rates by up to 150%.

We’ve made it easy for you to get started with your own remarketing campaign. 

Log into your website at /go. Then navigate to CRM in your control panel, and to the new Ad accounts config menu (If you wish to use this feature and do not see that menu item under your control panel, please contact us so that we can upgrade your system at no cost to you). 


Simply add your Adwords Account id, verify the request. Then go to your Adwords account, select create a remarketing custom audience list. Note that, at the time of this writing, you need a minimum $50K lifetime spent on Google to access and enable this feature on their platform, so if you do not qualify for it, and are part of a franchise system, talk to your franchisor as their account might qualify.



For Facebook - select it in the dropdown and click “Connect Account”, it will take you to your Marketing OS account where you need to add a Facebook account with an attached  Facebook business manager and create a connection with your SeoSamba Marketing Operating System (MOS) and the website and/or CRM you are working with.


Then either for Facebook or Google, select your target leads on your CRM lead dashboard and add them to your Remarketing Audience Lists, just like you would to add them to your SeoSamba’s MOS email newsletter lists.  And you can even automate this by creating or adding an entry to your CRM’s workflow. 


Now you’re ready to go! Create a campaign on Google and/or Facebook, select the audience list and start advertising (or Contact us for help to get a campaign underway)

Retargeting potential customers who have already been to your website or offer

Staying in touch with your existing customers, as long as you also have emails (or if you have a mobile phone use SeoSamba's  built-in texting features) !

Showcasing your work!



Track Leads and ROI Like A Pro - Say Goodbye to CallRail!


It just got easier to measure your return on investment, thanks to dynamic phone number insertion from the SeoSamba Marketing OS. 


What is Dynamic Number Insertion?

Very simply, it replaces the phone number shown on your website based on where that visitor comes from, like paid ads like Google and Facebook ads.


What is it good for?

Accurately track the Return On Investment from any  effort, including online sales transactions (You can even map and report specific transaction amounts by the way from your SeoSamba commerce-enabled website ), forms, and yes now even calls all from your SeoSamba Marketing OS.


I use CallRail, why should I consider SeoSamba’s DNI solution instead?

CallRail starts at $45 a month, adding a phone number to track a campaign on SeoSamba costs $5 a month, and besides cost;


  • You will get reporting on calls generated from all channels under your SeoSamba MOS where everything else is already available at your fingertips;
  • You don’t need to set up another tool;
  • You don’t need to spend time or pay someone to do it for you;
  • It will create contacts from Caller ID into your Customer Relationship Management system;
  • It ties into your SeoSamba Lead & CRM app (Get it free on IOS and Android), and will prompt you after a call to enter details about that call or modify the name associated with the record created for you in your CRM, all from the app!
  • It encourages the adoption of best advertising practices with the usage of UTM tags which are useful to give you insights in your CRM from form contacts, but we rarely see agencies doing this properly or at all; 

Is it as good as Callrail?

SeoSamba uses the same infrastructure as AirBnB, Uber and many others. Calls are just as reliably connected than Callrail.


We think CallRail is overkill for most small businesses. You don’t need 10 different numbers

1 number is enough in 98% of cases, but if you need 2 or 3 to go down to campaign or ad group level then you can purchase the number that is right for your business case.


You can even track keywords with SeoSamba’s DNI, but you don’t necessarily need every keyword level tracking data, you just need to get the one that matters, and you can set it up exactly this way using wildcards.


How difficult is it to get started?

We made it real easy. 

From within your Marketing OS dashboard, just go to the DNI section, select your existing call tracking number for your website, and click “create substitution number”,  the system will mirror all your existing settings for your main tracking number, forwarding your calls to the same destination etc… and then walk you through the rest of the process.


Once you have a code available to you, send it via the help button available from the top nav.



This data gives you important insight as to where your marketing dollars are most effective so you stop wasting money on avenues that don’t work that well, and identify what is working best.

Questions or comments about these new features?  We’re happy to help!  Visit our community page to find helpful tutorials, answers to frequently asked questions, or chat live with a representative.


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