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Fostering Professional Relationships with Email Marketing

Jan 17, 2020

Fostering Professional Relationships with Email Marketing


Understanding the Power of Email Marketing Relationships

The holiday season is finally here! At home, ‘tis the season for gingerbread, fireworks, gift-wrapping and hayrides. For small businesses, however, this time is the slow season, the time used to meet year-end budget goals and plan upcoming projects for the new year.

For small businesses, timing is everything and developing strong bonds with clients is essential to your success. Your clients are your biggest asset as a business owner. By building trust with them, you are creating long-term relationships that can pay off in several ways but this must be done in a timely fashion. Waiting too long to check in with that family from March could cost you a referral or returning customer by the end of the year.


Maintaining Professional Relationships in 2020

Maintaining relationships is critical to sales because knowing your customers’ wants and needs puts you one step ahead at meeting their expectations. But even with all the knowledge and experience, it is difficult to stay in contact with anyone while focusing your attention on building the business of your dreams.

The number one reason business owners don’t reach out to their networks regularly is because they just don’t have the time. With thousands of different contacts on your desk or scattered about your inbox, it can be downright overwhelming just to begin and we get that. 

Maybe you’re overwhelmed with the rapid rate of technological innovation. Email marketing can sound scary or hard to understand for some but trust me, there is hope without Rolodex. SeoSamba makes email marketing easier than ever to distribute and control outgoing information.

Email Marketing Content with Ease

Perhaps, you’re not even sure what to say once you get ready to reach your clientele. Use email marketing to inform. If your clients have subscribed to your newsletter they want to continue the exceptional experience your company provides in-person. Compelling content should educate readers. These subscribers are the VIPs of your network and they WANT to know what you’re up to! 

Here are some fresh ideas for your monthly newsletter or email campaign: 

  • Announce Industry Updates

  • Introduce New Employees 

  • Promote a New Product

  • Report Company Achievements

  • Promote Upcoming Events

  • Recap Recent Events

  • Offer a Discount Code

  • Say Happy Holidays 

  • Advertise a Sale

  • Say Thank You

Email marketing is a simple and effective way to send monthly or biweekly hellos out to your clients. With SeoSamba, contacts are stored and organized in our platform so you never have to worry about that business card you haven’t seen in a week. 

Growing your business has never been easier with SeoSamba’s newsletter features. You have the ability to design and orchestrate content with step by step tools and assistance from our information technology help team. 

Always include a call to action and express your gratitude. With SeoSamba you have the ability to send thousands of emails with the touch of a button. It is easy to include links to your website, community partners, blogs, articles, videos and more with email marketing. 

Social Media is the Foundation for Email Marketing

Today, many online relationships begin on social networking sites like LinkedIn or Twitter. From marketing to mingling, each social network offers its own strengths. Online engagement allows people to get to know you which builds trust, strengthens relationships with returning customers and gives folks the ability to share your content, effortlessly putting you in front of their audience. 

Look at who likes your content, look at what people are saying. Don’t hesitate to send a direct message to someone who seems on the fence about it. This could be a great opportunity to add a new subscriber to your email marketing campaign or even better, book a job. 

While stipulations and policies with social media platforms are constantly changing, your email marketing contacts will never change. SeoSamba gives you the freedom and ability to view analytics on newsletter engagement and redirect campaigns to more invested groups over time. You are the curator of your content.


Believe in Email Marketing

As time goes by, your followers will learn more about you and your business. The more information you share the more you increase the likelihood of referrals and collaborations. With technology like email marketing and social media, you’re not the only one endorsing your business because your clients are on board too. 

Your customers haven’t been hacked! They’ve given you permission to contact them and they love what you have to offer. Keep them informed, thank them and every now and then, offer free swag or coupons. They deserve it and YOU deserve it too! 

You are Ready

Email marketing is your primary resource for communicating with clients in 2020. Start off this season by firing up your base with an email just to show you care. Add strengthening relationships with your clientele to upcoming projects and get back to marketing on a personal level.

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