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Emerging Franchise Brand: Can You Afford a Franchise Sales Development CRM?

Nov 23, 2020

Emerging Franchise Brand: Can You Afford a Franchise Sales Development CRM?

One thing that every new business owner needs is automation. A franchise development CRM is perfect for busy franchisors managing several territories. There are many options out there today like Franconnect, Zoho, Naranga, FRM Solutions, and FranchiseSoft but with so many, it can be difficult to decide which features are best for your company. 


At SeoSamba we fully understand the importance of marketing your new business opportunity so prices are never a hassle. SeoToaster Ultimate CRM’s franchise edition starting price is $49/month, considerably more affordable than any franchise sales CRM on the market. 


Now, each CRM offers different attributes to streamline your business. With a good CRM system you should have the ability to first and foremost track and automate the franchise sales process.

Yes, location opening checklists, tasklist, content libraries, or royalty management are all nice features, but first and foremost you need an efficient marketing and sales system


That’s where all these solutions cited above fall short of expectations. If your provider  missed the boat when it comes to mobile CRM, when it comes to scoring, when it comes to email & text messaging integration, lead intelligence and all the attributes of a robust sales pursuit system, read on.


So Little Time, Too Many Options

Whether you are a mature or an emerging brand, scrutinizing marketing costs is also part of the “new normal”,  and unfortunately many of the more mainstream options get pretty pricey. 

Also, most franchise CRMs, like the ones listed above, are primarily geared to serve the need of the franchisors rather than the need of the franchisees which is no bueno for a growing business. SeoSamba provides CRMs for many businesses, franchising or not, and so intimately understands what the priorities are at both the franchise and the unit level.


Many franchise CRM’s can also lag in sophistication and integration with marketing and social media automation, while many of the general CRM’s systems providing these features are overlooked simply because they are built for general businesses, not franchise businesses. Franchise businesses usually struggle to find the best fit when looking for a CRM because of this. 

In addition, at SeoSamba we offer turnkey franchise recruitment packages that let you build your assets over time and save considerably on your  franchise lead generation budget! This differentiator is imminent to emerging brands and sooner than later is best for selling your first territories and getting your name in the market.

Online Store Built-in

SeoToaster CRM Ultimate - Franchise Sales edition is an all-in-one system with a content management system, and an online store feature bolted on. If you are looking to sell your newest book or franchise merchandise, our CRM makes it simple to add a shopping cart to your website that links directly to the online store.


An online store is a great opportunity for franchising brands to establish themselves as experts in the field with a publication about their industry or promote a membership that offers access to educational material for example.

Sales Intelligence comes standard

With the sales intelligence feature, discover what pages prospects dwelled on longest or what keywords were used to find your site to better understand their interests and meet their needs. The SeoSamba CRM also offers automated organization of contacts from incoming phone calls and chat conversations.


Sales intelligence also helps capture new contacts through integrated quizzes, newsletter sign-ups and discount offers that require an email for more information. This tool is a great way to determine which prospects or customers are very interested in learning more about your services.


SeoSamba’s CRM system is taking automation to the next level for new business owners.  Understand the difference between a franchise development CRM and the others. Though it can be difficult to decide, given all of the CRMs available in 2020, SeoSamba is perfect for franchisors with limited staff and resources dedicated to franchise sales because it has been designed with them in mind. Call today to learn more!

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