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5 tips to avoid mayhem from Google’s doorway pages ban

Apr 22, 2015

5 tips to avoid mayhem from Google’s doorway pages ban

You've surely heard much noise about how Google just unleashed Mobilegeddon by favoring mobile-friendly websites in its updated search algorithm, but you didn't have to live under a rock to let slide another important news: Google's Penguin is also about to kick doorway pages from its search results.

While you can read more on our  SEO blog about what it actually means for your website, we decided to take action and give 5 important tips about how to avoid being penalized by this Google update. Even if you think you shouldn't feel concerned about this issue, we encourage you read on to ensure you are using only 100% white hat SEO techniques for your dear website. 

And just in case you don't, You may also skip to the bottom of this post to find a special offer from SeoSamba to ensure 100% compliance with Google and all major search engines, therefore avoiding any future SEO catastrophe.

1. Make sure your landing pages are properly linked internally

One way Penguin will decide that a landing page is actually a doorway page is to look at how many internal links point to this page, versus how much traffic it gets from search results. High traffic from inbound search results on pages with no internal link (aka deeplinks) will probably result in a ban and penalize the entire site.

SeoSamba’s CMS SeoToaster features a comprehensive smart deep linking system and automated deep-links modifications (aka 301 redirects) when a target page URL changes.

2. Do not publish web pages without proper content

This “coming soon” sticker you put on landing pages that you have long forgotten about needs to go. Don’t leave empty pages on your website: either put original content on them (even if you may warn that the page is partially “under construction”) or just un-publish it.

SeoToaster CMS makes it easy to access and manage page drafts, and will automatically update all linked pages whenever you un-publish a web page. It also features an automatic 404 redirection that will display a default 404 page whenever users reach an inactive target URL from external sites.

3. Wait until you have enough content to publish

When you start a website’s section that has yet to receive content - such as a blog, a FAQ, a testimonials or comments section, make sure you have enough to get started. If you publish the section thinking it will eventually get filled up, you run the risk of leaving it empty or insufficiently active for whatever reason from lack of time to overestimated user response.

SeoSamba’s content marketing services help you craft  highly efficient content strategies to get started on the right foot and carefully plan content creation for long-tail, cost-effective strategies. Moreover, SeoSamba’s on-site blog & news module makes it easy to create content easily and rapidly so your input-based sections grow rapidly with original, relevant content.

4. Ban duplicate content at all costs

We’ll never stress this enough: do not, I repeat DO NOT use duplicate content. EVER! This is probably the one most important reason why websites get penalized - if not banned - from search engine listings. You would not believe how many well-meaning website owners came to us in sheer panic because they saw their website disappear from Google results from one day to the next. Most of the times, it’s because they handed their website content strategy over to some smooth-talking SEO provider that just ruined years of work with black hat tactics based on duplicate content.

SeoSamba’s Managed SEO services use  100% white hat SEO strategies. Our experts hunt any trace for duplicate content on- and off-site to ensure you will never be penalized by major search engines.

5. Centralize your multisites SEO and content strategies

Multiplicating websites and domain names may sound like breeding the golden goose of online marketing but if you do it, you better do it right. Quite logically, multiple websites increase potential SEO-related issues, and even create additional ones specific to multisites management. No matter how well-prepared you might feel to unleash the power of multisites marketing, be warned that it may backfire in ways you can’t even imagine, for instance by getting your entire online network (be it in a franchise setup, or with multibrand-minisites) penalized when just one website did something wrong.

SeoSamba’s  marketing & SEO automation platform has been built from the ground up for multisites management with a powerful yet user-friendly centralized interface that ensures white hat automated SEO and the safest multisites online marketing for highly cost effective results. Make sure you give us a call before you shoot yourself in the foot with ill-prepared, manual management of complex multisite strategies!

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