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SEO Friendly CMS

What is a SEO-friendly CMS?

SeoSamba's team comes from the search world. This might explain the radical new approach taken by this platform. It’s a system built from the ground up by search engine professionals for search engine optimization experts and SEO-savvy marketing managers.

SeoSamba is a purpose-built marketing platform that ensures control over SEO execution for any number of web sites, while offering ease of use for copy editors. The software architecture is built around a marketing "hub" which pilots any number of easy-to-use content management system or "spokes".

Centralized Marketing and SEO Control: the Hub

You can manage all your projects and web sites at a glance and modify factors critical to the ranking of your web sites, including how URLs, titles, and meta tags are constructed.

The system automatically builds Google PageRank compliant redirection pages for you, deep links across all of your sites, as well as PageRank sculpting and even one click link silos. In addition, SeoSamba optimize, submit and distribute your information to web, RSS directories, specialized distribute an unlimited number of Press Releases for you at no additional cost.

This architectures maximize the value of inbound links across your SEO websites, and offer access to powerful SEO automation and Web marketing features. If you work for an Ad or Web agency, your entire portfolio of websites can be centrally administrated through a private label interface. Tons of additional time-saving features organized in a very efficient way makes it an equally compelling local SEO marketers.

The more sites you need to promote through organic search engine optimization the more you need SeoSamba in place of what is commonly referred to in the marketplace as SEO friendly CMS.

Distributed Web SEO Friendly CMS Architecture: the Spokes

SeoSamba integrates a customized version of an open source CMS that our team has developed; SeoToaster. The CMS part is installed on your local web server. It requires PhP 5, MySQL 5, and an Apache web server (all pretty standard stuff) or we can simply host it for you.

This content management system is then private labeled for agencies and/or piloted from SeoSamba to centralize your SEO and compound your marketing impact.

Rest assure that our CMS is extremely easy to use for content writers, as well as for website administrators as it features a very elegant edit as you surf, aka in-line editing, capabilities. It is also easy to build new websites as it requires only 4 HTML template and 2 CSS to build a complete website theme.

Finally, the CMS includes a plug-in system to extend it with functionalities such as shopping carts, and can be customized at will with an open source license. Thereby combining best of both world, a commercial application support with the power of an open source community.

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