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Search engines : planning for the big 3

When we refer to “The Big Three,” we mean the three most important search engines/ directories in terms of influence and incoming traffic. Namely, Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft Bing. Google because of its huge database, which feeds many other search engines Yahoo! for its depth of content, and Microsoft because of its dominating position in the operating system market and network. Altogether, they routinely represent anywhere between 70 percent and 90 percent of total search engine referrals.

Yahoo is a longtime Internet reference and still one of the most used Yellow Pages listing, as more and more Internet users first check out the online equivalent of that big yellow book stuck under the sofa.

Google is not only a major player in the search engine industry, but it keeps gaining popularity due to its exceptional database and user-friendly, low-key approach. Traffic statistics show Google providing around 70 percent of search engine referrals. But if a web site is properly optimized, this number can jump up to 90 percent. Original targeted content is the key to maximizing results with Google. Automatic link-exchange and free-for-all (FFA) networks will result in a site being banned if detected. Sites using another site's content are very unlikely to get good listings.

Microsoft rebranded its Internet strategy around the “Bing” brand last year. Playing on its ability to gather information about Internet usage through its multiple online properties, Microsoft is touting a differentiated advertising offering that enables fine-grained advertising to specific demographics such as men, women, age groups, etc.

SeoSamba's SEO software technology performs very well with all major search engines. Thanks to SeoSamba’s flexible URL writing and page URL change management, one can tailor URLs for maximum impact on a given search engine and adjust URLs at will going forward.

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