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SEM Professionals Features Set

SeoSamba was created by search engine and search engine marketing veterans- professionals in the same line of business you are in today. Chances are they have faced the same challenges than you are battling. From researching our ever-evolving trade to developing new business while executing on current engagements, that's precisely why we have created SeoSamba: To help you grow your practice.

As a search engine marketing firm , SeoSamba's interface gives you a list of items that require your attention and lets you set your own billing rates and manage your clients' requests directly. SeoSamba integrates numerous time-saving routines that frame users into a SEO best practice world while letting you, the SEO expert, control what is being delivered and fine tune a system’s generated output down to the page level.

SeoSamba is a great answer to current economic conditions. And it’s ideal for managing a large number of local SEO web sites, franchise networks, reputation management web sites, news-oriented sites and bloggers, public relations firms, B2B web sites, affiliate web sites, service web sites and more.

With SeoSamba you can offer very effective on-going Internet marketing services packages to your customers while ensuring a top level execution.

Multi-sites SEM agency dashboard

What services can you provide to your clients?

  1. Create and manage landing page experiments
  2. Integrate web site news with Email and conversions data then manage Email newsletters campaigns
  3. Manage Press Release distribution campaigns
  4. Create and manage search engine optimized web sites, newsletters and Press Releases.

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