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RSS optimized Newsfeeds

RSS optimized Newsfeeds

Optimized RSS Newsfeeds: automated news and content syndication

Efficient and inexpensive albeit often overlooked, RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an important aspect of a sound content marketing, search engine optimization and social networking strategy.

Alongside press releases distribution and optimized news publications, RSS is paramount to your company's digital media strategy. When done right, RSS feeds help boosting your online reputation as a news provider but also create web content syndication channels that can prove extremely effective in terms of search engine optimization.

If your website does not include RSS feeds optimized for search engines, you are missing out on sizeable content marketing opportunities, dubbed by Washington Post as one of the top ten mistakes companies make in terms of content marketing.

For these reasons, SeoSamba provides a simple yet powerful automated and optimized RSS integration to a host of RSS news sites such as Congoo,  SiloBreaker or Sensis.

Selected SeoSamba RSS networks

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