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New Delta Restoration Services Franchisee Website Registration Form

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Social Media Accounts

To promote your site more successfully and involve bigger audience we will need to connect our SEO marketing platform with your accounts on social networks.

On what platforms do you have pages set up?

Please provide us with accounts URL and login/password using the fields below:


We will create business pages on social media that you do not have setup already. Please indicate the platforms that you would like us to setup for you


Site Content

Information about yourself and your team members


The best wold be to have your photo from feet to head, made on a white background, in good resolution. Minimum height - 550px, minimum width - 440px, resolution - 72dpi

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Please use the form below to supply the required details for the "Contact us" form. The text fields have default values of auto-reply subject, text, success and error messages, however you may edit them as you wish.

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Additional Requirements

Social Marketing and Google Ads Campaign Questionnaire

Please complete the following questionnaire for your social marketing and Google Ads campaign. If there are any questions that you do not understand or know the answer to yet, skip over them and continue on to the next question. A representative will contact you once the questionnaire has been submitted to help you fill in any missing data.

If so, please provide the account number and name/email address it is under


Information about your customers and your target audience helps us to optimize your strategy and gain a better understanding of the message you want to send through your campaign. By defining a specific audience for your campaign, we can achieve a higher ROI than traditional mass marketing.

Please check all relevant options below that describe your ideal customer (i.e. your target audience)




Age Group(s)

Are you targeting audiences with a specific educational background?

High School

Some college

4- year degree

Master's or Doctorate Degree

Not applicable


Industries / Markets

Positions / Functions

Political Tendencies

Cultural Groups / Communities


Please indicate the amount you have budgeted for your paid ad campaign.  This amount can be adjusted later, as needed.

What is your budget for your Google Ads campaign, once the corporate budget is exhausted?

<$500 / month

$500 - $1,000 / month

$1,000 - $1,500 / month



> $3,000 / month


Additional Fee-based Options

SeoSamba provides a number of time-saving marketing options to Delta Restoration Services franchisees. Please indicate the services you’re interested in and SeoSamba will contact you to discuss your needs.

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