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One-click cross marketing

One-click cross marketing

Centralized multi-sites cross-marketing: become an online marketing powerhouse

Publish global assets such as media, content, or apps to your web sites but also press releases to news outlets or social network updates to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, all in one shot.

SeoSamba is ideal to serve multiple markets, regions, and countries, in a scalable and manageable way. From the moment you use SeoSamba, it works tirelessly to ensure your success.

SeoSamba helps you take advantage of major cross-marketing opportunities on the Internet. Web sites are built to maximize performance with search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Google News and free marketing directories.

Other search engine optimization best practices, streamlines marketing copy creation, and propels your information through an ever increasing number of internet marketing channels. In short, it does most of the work for you while giving you total control to refine automated input.

In short, SeoSamba changes the paradigm surrounding search engine optimization. Nowadays, tasks are handled 80% manually or through a hotchpotch of inadequate software, SeoSamba offers a fully integrated approach to doing 80% of the work automatically, and just handling exceptions.

SeoSamba is agnostic when it comes to integration with other marketing software and web services, and it enables you to keep working with your provider of choice.SeoSamba's partnership effort focuses on facilitating the development and integration of open standards.

For instance, SeoSamba allows for integration with a wide range of CRMs and email marketing platforms. As a result, whether you're using SalesForce, or any other CRM, Constant Contact Vertical Response or any other email marketing platform, SeoSamba facilitates the use of the best-of-breed suite of marketing applications you've already invested in.

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