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Keyword Ranking Checker

Keyword Ranking Checker

Accurate keyword rankings from the world's favorite search engine

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To assess the overall success  - and occasional failures - of your SEO efforts, you need to be able to check how your website is performing on search engines, and particularly Google in terms of rankings for your selected keywords.

It's no secret that Google is now providing highly personalized search results to users based on their personal browsing history, location, device, and more. While this is great for users, it also made traditional keyword search ranking tools based on scrapped Search Engine Results Pages - SERP, besides being against Google terms of services, simply irrelevant and obsolete.

Samba's keyword rank checker is different.

We get our data straight from the proverbial "horse mouth" by the way of Google Webmaster tools, ensuring an umatched level of accuracy in our reporting. And while Google offers 90 days of data, SeoSamba Marketing Operating System retain the entire search rankings history of websites, offering an unique view of a site search rankings evolution over time.

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Consolidate search engine keyword rankings across all websites

SeoSamba Marketing Operating System keyword search ranking checker software is particularly well suited for multi-websites owners and operators such as franchising brands, or marketing agencies.

Everyone appreciates checking all key performance indicators across any number of websites in one glance, while drilling down and accessing ranking reports down to individual websites, and keywords over time.

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With SeoSamba Marketing Operating System, you can see instantly critical performance indicators statistis such as the Number of Clicks, Impressions, Click Through Rate (CTR), and Average Position of your targeted keywords in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

Marketing agencies and business solutions providers can also grant private access to SeoSamba Marketing Operating System services to their clients and generate private-label search engine ranking reports for their benefits.

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Save time with automated keyword report list building

Long list of keywords sometimes feel like just like neverending Xmas wishlists. They often miss their point by not appropriately covering key phrases variations, missing out on fast forming trends, and above all proving time-consuming to build and maintain.

SeoSamba is different.

Contrary to classic search engine rankings reporting tool, SeoSamba Marketing Operating System reports on key-phrases for which your websites are appearing on Google search result pages in an automated fashion.

There’s no need to insert list of key-phrases, instead you just need to flag keywords you'd like to target, as they start ranking on Google.

Better yet, if you use our automated optimization engine, then reporting align automatically with your search targets, and we include them automatically in your tracked keyword reports.

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Target quickly emerging keywords and key-phrases as your website start ranking for them, and let the system flag key-phrases your website has been automatically optimized forwhen you're using the SeoSamba Marketing Operating System SEO execution platform.

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Which keywords are the most efficient for your website? What key phrase generates the most organic traffic? How do your performance in search engines fare compared to your engagement rate on social networks?

SeoSamba Marketing Operating System gives you an accurate outlook on your overall results, and lets you customize your search engine ranking reports to systematically find dead-center answers to all your questions, whatever they may be.

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