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International Search Engine Optimization

A truly scalable SEO platform

If your company is doing business internationally, you can obviously benefit from the diversity of global and local search engines. For instance, if you're listed with Yahoo! you can extend your online presence to their country-specific instances. The same goes for Live, Google and many other search engines

The first rule for international search engine optimization is to regionalize content. We strongly recommend you implement multilingual support on your web site, as most international web users use their mother tongue to search the Web. However, this is only part of the issue.

If you want to leverage your international business capabilities fully, you will have to use country-specific extensions for each international market. This means one web site/domain per market.

You will also need to localize your web server into the marketed country in order to take advantage of IP geo-location used by major search engine algorithms, resulting in full credit for inter-site linkings.

Finally, you will need to cross-link all of these properties in an optimized fashion and keep them continuously updated, probably by using a number of local managers.

Localized hosting with a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The good news is that relief is here. SeoSamba has been built for international search engine optimization. SeoSamba features a marketplace of international contributors and SEO experts who can best help you understand local marketing prerogatives.

Additionally, SeoSamba facilitates hosting through its network of international SEO web hosting partners. Our SEO software gives you the choice of hosting in specific regions with IPs clearly distinct from the one you are already using with other web sites you have produced using SeoSamba.

This means that you cannot get into the same class C as a web site you are already publishing, and it also means that we take away the major part of the administrative burden associated with maintaining numerous vendors.

Finally, SeoSamba also manages all your inter-site cross-linking through the search engine optimization cross-linking facility. Whenever a page URL changes, all links pointing to a page change along with it. This also means that after creating a link once, it is applied throughout the site on your behalf, making on-site optimization very effective.

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