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Improving Search Engine Rankings

Creating mini-sites for SEO marketing purpose and more

Creating theme-based mini-sites can add great value to your existing presence and considerably improve search engine rankings by offering specific content to more targeted audiences.

It is a cost effective way to address precise market segments, enhancing both customer relationships and brand awareness while improving search engine rankings and generating additional qualified sales referrals. SeoSamba is an excellent vehicle to develop and manage online properties and mini-sites.

Marketing domains are an additional positioning tactic that can be used in a number of situations. They can allow intensive positioning for a select group of competitive keyword phrases that would be impossible to effectively position within the main site. They can also overcome many of the problems presented by sites that use extensive Flash, database-driven content or Web 2.0 applications.

The “mini-site” concept is, therefore, gaining ground as an effective sales channel, though it faces three major problems in order to drive a critical number of search engine referrals.

Specifically, marketing mini-sites lack, in order: keywords, content, and linkage. Unfortunately, those are three of the most wanted items on search engine check lists. But for those who know the ropes, mini-sites can turn into powerful brand vehicles and marketing tools.

Content is the key

Because it is much more specific, a mini-site should be entirely built around a few efficient and related keywords, articulating a consistent theme throughout its few pages. Industry-oriented or informational sites are ideal candidates, as they can branch out to products or services presented on your main web site.

The main difference with larger sites is that mini-sites address a much more targeted niche and require going through the same optimization process as bigger sites, only on a much smaller scale.

No matter how cool and well-rounded your mini-site may be, if you don't offer original, up-to-date and interesting content, visitors will stay away, your traffic will stay low, and your rankings will follow suit.

But by simply broadcasting a small part of your staff-combined knowledge you will both provide useful information and gain opportunities to disseminate selected keywords within your content, reinforcing your chances of top ranking.

Copy-writing services, information swapping, content aggregation and email marketing will complement your content offering, providing you with a great platform for your industry, market, services or products.

Link popularity, a decisive factor

As you may know by now, a decisive factor in search engine positioning is the number of links pointing to you. For out-of-the-box marketing sites, this can be accomplished by first referencing the site in directories using fee-based submissions.

Once listed, you can submit optimized pages that will, in turn, generate top listings and traffic referrals. The trick here is to get many prominent links coming from well-known sites. Each page referenced in a search engine is an additional link.

After a few months, your site will be ranked as reasonably popular, and that is good enough for your pages to be considered for inclusion at each submission request.

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