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Hubspot vs Competitor SeoSamba

Optimized Landing Pages Review

Hubspot vs SeoSamba: who makes the best landing pages?

Hubspot Landing Pages Review




HubSpot lets you create landing pages and A/B experiments to test your messaging and increase conversions rates, with a focus on audience-based specific designs.

In terms of landing pages, HubSpot's main advantage resides in its ability to generate pages with drag-and-drop template building abilities and other functions that speed up creation. 

Those functions include "personalization tokens" (see above) for pre-filled differentiated content, and "progressive profiling" to present contextual forms, only available in Professional or Enterprise editions, the latter being required to enable A/B testing on landing pages.

The online form builder and smart call to actions will speed up the creation process for landing pages with lead nurturing in mind, but actually optimizing those pages with HubSpot's advisory-only SEO tools will probably require the intervention of a search engine optimization pro.

Moreover, while those tools come handy for most amateur webmasters and content-heavy sites, their limitation to static-only content (blog posts, slide shows...) will require further, extensive integration or 3rd party software to eliminate this important drawback for e-commerce websites.


SeoSamba Landing Pages Review




SeoSamba combines inline edition CMS and automated multi-sites SEO to let you create landing pages optimized on-the-fly according to search engine's everchanging requirements.

Integrating inline content edition and native SEO, SeoToaster produces content optimized for search engines from blog posts to press releases, online quote forms and e-commerce catalogs.

SeoToaster E-commerce actually turns each and every product into a search engine-friendly landing page, including out-of-the-box Microdata format, geolocalization features and automatic SEO tags.

SeoSamba provides online forms and automatic quotes building tools, but relies on Google's Content Experiments and WMT for landing pages testing.

Finally, optimizing landing pages can be accomplished rapidly and safely for any number of websites through SeoSamba's online marketing platform.


Our decision: SeoSamba wins by a small margin

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HubSpot does present some interesting features to create nice Landing Pages that are both user-friendly and that can be optimized for search engines optimization.

For operators of content-heavy, highly ranked websites (GoogleRank score of 4 or 5), the Hubspot tools will probably help streamline the creation process, especially when multiple editors work on the same site.

However Hubspot lacks the SEO power that makes content marketing worth its while. While it does help tremendously in creating a lot of content fast, what good is it if this content is lost in the swarming jungle of search engine results? Besides wasting your time, money and energy, we hardly see the point.

By contrast, Hubspot competitior SeoSamba was literally born to address SEO execution and automated processes. On the front-end side, SeoToaster CMS covers the vast majority of SEO challenges by automatically taking care of optimization while website owners can concentrate on the content itself.

SeoToaster Ecommerce creates actual Landing Pages on-the-fly for all products in your online catalog, complete with microdata, geolocalization and over one hundred automated SEO parameters.

All one needs to do is to use the user-friendly inline CMS to enter and sytle text, add multimedia widgets at will, and hit the save button. It might look less fancy on the outside, but it actually turns your entire site content into trafic magnets from search engines.

Hubspot felt it had to reinvent the wheel to get users to get into content marketing and give it a nice-sounding name, but we feel all pages of your website should be "landing pages". With SeoSamba, they are, and what matters most: it gets the job done.

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