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Franchise Marketing

Marketing a franchise online : the big picture

Consumers are increasingly using the Internet and "organic search results”   represent 90% of all recorded clicks. So why have MLM companies, licensors and franchises forgo the most cost-effective customer acquisition marketing tactic out there?

Ideally, a franchise business will build, deploy and manage one website per franchise location in order to compete with local boutique providers. However, costs, time and inherent difficulty involved in pursuing such a strategy has usually driven franchisors to look for scaled-down strategies.

In fact, scale had been a disadvantage when it came to marketing franchises on the Internet until SeoSamba's web marketing and automation platform changed this paradigm.

SeoSamba turns scale around to your benefit

As the number of franchisees in your franchise system of SeoSamba-powered websites grows, the benefits of local search engine rankings grow organically for network members.

In a sense, it mirrors well-known network effects that you enjoy from group advertising, brand recognition or group purchasing power.

Read on to discover three uniquely distinct advantages offered by SeoSamba that make this marketing system deliver predictable results when others consistently fail.

Compounded Effectiveness: the Hub and Spoke Advantage

Powered by Hub and Spoke technology, SeoSamba generates unbeatable number of sales leads for local franchisees while franchisors enjoy mechanical incremental search ranking benefits from each franchisee participating in the program.

SeoSamba has developed the patent pending Hub and Spoke technology specifically with franchise business models in mind. This framework strikes the right balance between centralized control and associated economy of scale with the flexibility required to secure top Google rankings while satisfying your franchise's varied sophistication and involvement level. 

No Vendor Risk: the Open Source Advantage

SeoSamba leverages the power of SeoToaster, an open source Content Management System that we've built from the ground up to set a new standard for building, managing and promoting websites.

SeoToaster isn't just any CMS: in just over two years, SeoToaster  has just clinch the title of #1 acclaimed open source CMS in the world, as ranked by the authority website users from

Why should you care? You can modify any aspect of this powerful application to suit your needs, and even in the unlikely event that the organization behind SeoSamba disappear, all your websites remain fully operational and supported by a growing community of developers and users.

Service Sales and Ecommerce: The Built-in Advantage

Business, commercial and residentials services franchises usually need to talk to prospects and quote projects ahead of making sales. The SeoSamba framework offers a built-in online quote system to handle the sales process end-to-end. And it is fully integrated with payment gateways, so your franchisee can even collect online, and generate invoices.

Developing E-commerce within the context of a Franchise network isn't easy. How do you build and distribute a central catalog? How do avoid creating duplicate content? How do you accomodate franchisees or licensees who wishes to supplement your catalog with their own products? SeoSamba offers a solution out-of-the-box for this scenario, enabling catalog synchronization, content customization, and site specific products lineup.

The superior franchise system to build, manage and market your network of franchisees

We know that you heard this before. We also know that your best efforts are failing to generate cost-effective sales leads through SEO in any kind of  scalable and predictable way. How do we know this?

Because you're not using SEO Samba....yet

When you team with SEO Samba as a Licensor or Franchise Owner, you're choosing to bring easy-to-use, cost-effective marketing tools to every licensee/franchisee in your organization. That means each franchisee gets the same top-notch online marketing tools and support to help them grow their business and your brand.

What franchisors get:


What franchisees get:


Call or use the contact form and we'll setup a private demo to answerr all your questions before developing a plan that works for you and your licensees or franchisees. Alternatively, you can get more in depth explanations below by reading on.

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