SeoToaster CMS User Guide

Basic Features Built Into Your SeoToaster Content Management System

 SeoToaster CMS offers an intuitive yet powerful environment. It is a free and open source content management system built around four founding principles:

  • An open source CMS has to be easy to use by regular folks
  • Easy to build websites for by web designers & developers
  • Easy to market & search engine optimize websites with
  • Easy to scale & manage multiple websites with.

Sounds good to you? Then feel free to explore Website Builder's detailed basic features set below. Do not forget to also check our SEO and Ecommerce features set.

SeoToaster Ecommerce

SeoToaster CRM User Guide

SeoToaster CRM brings everything together:
  • You can build a simple landing page or a full website with it without any visual limitations
  • You can build an entire web store, or just collect payments for one product, digital or online training (requires Moodle)
  • It includes a powerful integrated Google News compliant blog
  • Your website can also use a free or paid-for membership site
  • As a CRM, it is also fairly easy to use for regular folks
  • It offers remarkable sales automation tools, including drip emails, lead generation document downloads
  • It makes harvesting leads possible from any website by deploying a web form onto it
  • It allows tracking advertising campaigns easily by reading natively the values from UTM tags
Through its SambaSaaS marketing cloud connection, it also brings you:
  • Web analytics data from this site as well as other properties you own
  • Your inbound and outbound calls communications
  • Interfacing with other systems such as Constant Contact, SalesForce, etc.