Are your emails not being delivered to your lead lists? Is your CRM hindering your growth?



Dear {$lead:firstname},

Keap and most other CRM's need to maintain a single code base to serve all their customers.


As a result, others users' reputation might impact negatively the ability of your emails to reach your prospects inbox.

Conversely if you're in an industry with a challenging reputation, Keap might want to well.. just keep you out of their system.


And if you need to customize their platform, your options are basically non-existent.




SeoSamba CRM is fundamentally different

SeoSamba CRM is part of a hybrid cloud distributed framework.  Ok, but why should you care?



Contrary to Keap and others, you operate your own instance of SeoSamba CRM.
And you should care because this means SeoSamba CRM can be customized and operated any way you want to!


Our professional services team customized it into an end-to-end Enterprise Resource Planning application for many clients, including in industries as diverse as the franchises, real estate, therapist or memorial business. The software and customization can even be white-labeled to your brand if you wish to package and resell it to others businesses as part an industry solution! 

Are you curious to see what SeoSamba can do for your business? Schedule a meeting with me to discuss your current challenges, and I'll give you a demo of SeoSamba's desktop and mobile CRM solutions.

Jason Kaber
Vice President of Business Development

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