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Integrating natively SEO, blog, texting, e-mailing, product-level remarketing, Google & Facebook Ad retargeting, B2B sales, social networks and media management, SeoToaster is a powerful and scalable e-commerce solution matching all online marketing needs for online businesses up to 100,000 products. 

SeoToaster E-commerce enables fast and reliable deployment for businesses of all sizes, optimizing each product for search engines while providing a smooth experience to online shoppers.

SeoToaster E-commerce features 

Open source shopping cart Integrated sales quote
Digital products support Multi-shop support
Plug & Play templates Integrated text & email remarketing
Advanced microdata SEO Groups pricing
Built-in discounts & coupons Inventory management
100's of plug-ins    

Plug & pay e-commerce

Steer clear of programming overload and third-party plug-ins : SeoToaster natively blends all necessary components of a successful e-commerce solution, from website design to payment integration.

100% SEO-ready online shops

SeoToaster E-commerce provides unlimited products implementation, making each product a SEO-friendly gate for search engines, ensuring qualified leads, optimal conversion rates and ROI.


Integrated B2B & offline sales

Built-in automated quotes engine, text and e-mail remarketing or offline sales (phone, PoS) allows merchants to deliver to all complex vending channels including for B2B, affiliation and franchises.


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Yana Tkalenko
Digital Marketing Specialist

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