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SMS, MMS and Mobile emails make the bulk of the mobile messaging revenues !


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Profit from the mobile messaging boom with SeoSamba. Our integrated SMS, MMS, and emails to mobile solutions give a leg up to webstores customer service and help you expand beyond traditional marketing channels.



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As a SEO Samba powered agency, you can you take advantage of the 3 largest mobile revenue makers projected for 2016: SMS, MMS, and mobile emails.


Provide your clients an integrated communication platform within their corporate or eCommerce website


Profit from monthly phone number leasing, communications usage charges. 

icon mms Run MMS campaigns
icon email marketing Integrated email remarketing with your eCommerce solution , covering B2B triggers such as a quote request made from your website.
sms campaigns Run SMS campaigns with coupons generated from your store...and more.


Contact SeoSamba for more details about revolutionary integrated marketing solutions. 


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