Your Google Ads campaign has been launched


Hello [customername],


We are happy to announce that your Google Ads campaign has been launched.

A call tracking number has been setup to monitor performance. XXX forwards calls to YYY.

You will hear a whisper informing you that call originates from your PPC campaign when picking up the phone. That call will then get connected and recorded. If you miss a call, we will send you a SMS at ZZZ to alert you.
Calls over 30 secs are deemed valid as a default in our system. Valid calls along with caller ID are available in both your marketing OS at Mojo. And can also be found in your Customer Relationship Management system at http://

Some frequently asked questions:


Is there a geo-targeting for my site?


We got you covered as we created Metros pages for both SEO and PPC while ads are showing for queries in your main metros.


Can my campaign be adjusted?


Sure, just email us if you'd like to discuss a point. Also, for your information, rest assured that we proactively listen to sales calls to adapt our tactics, messaging and targeting on an ongoing basis.  We will, therefore, report back to you if we think that a specific type of calls might require any adjustment.

SeoSamba Team

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