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Thank you for upgrading your social marketing automation solution to include a worldclass marketing performance and sales CRM automation solution with SeoSamba.

My name is Tetiana, and I’m in charge of the successful onset of your upgrade with your additional SeoSamba services. Our team will deliver a turnkey comprehensive solution, including Managed Search Engine Optimization, Google paid search acquisition and remarketing campaigns, regular social posts, and last but not least setup and customization of a Customer Relationship Management system with built-in sales automation. At the end of this process, we will ask you for feedback and a testimonial should you think we’ve earned it. 


Here’s what you should expect over the next few weeks:

                                          --- 1-2 Weeks ---

- Kick OFF conference call with our PPC and SEO specialists, as well as your Customer Relationship Manager Alyssa, and myself.

- Our marketing services team has already begun keyword research for your website and territory sections. Once our research is complete, we will email you two (2) lists of keywords, targeting both localized and highly competitive keyphrases for your review. Any input you have would be appreciated! 

- After the keyword research phase has been completed and targeted keywords confirmed, we will benchmark your current organic rankings and kick your Managed SEO Program into high gear.  You will receive an email with rankings benchmark in your local market with all details.

- The keyword research will also be a component used to craft your PPC campaigns . Here, we will need to confirm what services you would like us to focus on. We will also share with you some of our experience in running campaigns in your industry, and clarify some of the possible angles. We will create an Adwords account for you, along with all text and banner ads. On your side, you will need to enter your credit card in your newly minted Adwords account, validate ads, and confirm budget when requested. We will then switch it on and continously adjust your campaigns.

- Our marketing services team will also email your "Internal Social Media Champion" a questionnaire to prepare the launch of your Social Media Program and make sure we portray Talem Home Care in the way that is consistent with your brand. 
It is imperative that your  "Internal Social Media Champion" takes a moment to fill that survey out, the information given to us is crucial. Once we have our first batch ready, posts will be available in your social calendar 10 days prior to publishing, and then on the 20th of every month for review prior to publishing start on the 1st of the following month. Your ongoing feedback will be important to improve the quality of posts we deliver to you over time, and we look forward to it.

- We configure and send you access to a powerful Customer Relationship Management system.
Here, we will work with your  "Internal CRM champion" to customize that software for your benefit, upload your contacts, and then train you on how to access, use and leverage this wonderful tool to your advantage. If you have lists of contacts lying around in Excel files, Outlook, or a rollodex  ;-), now is the time to gather them as your Internal CRM champion and our team will need them shortly.

                                  --- 1 Month After Launch ---

1 month after launch of your SEO, PPC and Social programs, and every 30 days after that, we will email you a consolidated progress report. That's right, because digital marketing is a holistic endeavor, we report in a holistic fashion on all digital marketing components, including all your performance programs Key Performance Indicators, but also the traffic that is derived from it all the way to lead generation. Nice, comprehensive yet kept as simple as possible.


---What else is needed?---

As you understood we need an "Internal CRM champion" and "Internal Social Media Champion" at Talem to best organize these items delivery for your group and avoid redundant work. Don't be afraid to volunteer, this is not as complicated as it sounds. The social champion will probably need about an hour to fill up the questionnaire, while the CRM champion role is a bit more demanding timewise, and will probably require between half a day and a full day in aggregate to go through that setup phase.  So, this is your chance at glory, don't let it pass by you!


                 Meet your dedicated SeoSamba team



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Marketing Services Manager


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If you have any questions during  this process, please contact Alyssa.  Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

SeoSamba Team

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