Why Pay More for Less?

Here's Why Smart Businesses Switch to MensaHero



Are you looking for a communication platform that offers more features, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness than Podium?

Meet MensaHero - the ultimate web chat and texting app created by SeoSamba.


With MensaHero, you get a powerful communication platform with integrated CRM, but also built-in digital signature, and payment capabilities at no additional cost. And with our flexible pricing options based on the number of contacts you need, you only pay for what you use - no more, no less.


Make the switch to MensaHero and start enjoying a streamlined communication process that will improve productivity and customer relationship management. Sign up now to save up to 90% on your current Podium subscription and start experiencing all MensaHero's benefits today.

Jason Kaber
Vice President of Business Development

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