Lime Painting Franchise Business Opportunity


LIME Painting is a Christian based high-end custom residential & commercial interior and exterior painting & contracting service provider. LIME's model pairs master craftsmen on custom properties to deliver coatings and contracting services that are on time and in budget for new construction, repaints, and complete restoration projects, no matter the difficulty.

 Join a team that has purpose and fulfillment and is not driven by the bottom line, but rather the bottom line is a byproduct of industry leading service and expertise.

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Franchise owners grow their business in affluent communities where value is perceived as quality versus the bottom line. As a result, franchise owners can build a premium brand that is perceived in their local market place as best in class. Franchise owners also benefit from rigorous launch training complimented by LIME Elite Academy, which focuses on state of the art sales, coatings, production, estimating, technology, and leadership skills, just to name a few. Franchise owners make an executive level salary while working on their business, and not in it. Once the business is established in the local market place, franchise owners focus on being a good steward with their profits by building a legacy for their family and giving back to the community.

LIME Painting is an owner-operator model that allows owners to take a step back within their business to actively manage the business once they master the business. Beyond a single location, franchisees can then pursue acquiring other territories and scaling those locations as a part of their portfolio.

LIME Painting is setup for multi-unit operators and regional developers with the exception that they must be an operator of the business until the Lime Painting processes and systems are mastered.


  • $300 Billion Industry
    The Home Repair Sector grosses over $300 Billion annually. Become a Lime Painting franchisee and participate in a massive sector!
  • State Of The Art Sales Program
    Lime Painting’s sales program has a track record for results and is specifically designed for serving high-end property owners in an advisory role with a relational focus.
  • 10 Step Production Model
    Lime Painting’s production model is designed to create a consistent and reliable service with an easy, enjoyable, and refreshing customer experience. Its effectiveness creates a turnkey approach for customers.
  • Subcontractor Partnership Model
    Don’t wrestle with the hassles of employees. Learn how to qualify, partner, onboard, and retain sub contractors with Lime Painting’s proven and effective subcontractor partnership model.
  • Repeat Business Plan
    The focus of the customer life cycle promotes repeat customers and lifelong value. From start to finish, each project is streamlined through a unique service model that yields efficiency and quality controls that customers begin to rely on and prefer.
  • Customer Membership Program
    The Lime Loyalty Membership establishes an incentivizing lifelong partnership with customers that offers exclusive access and benefits to customers.
  • Rigorous Launch Training
    Over the course of the first 180 days of operation, training is thorough, rigorous, and rewarding. Lime Painting’s start-up training is designed to get you off to an accelerated start.
  • LimeWare
    Lime Painting’s franchise platform is tailored to your business and an asset to your success.
  • Top Notch Brand & Standards
    Lime Painting has researched and developed a thorough understanding of customer analytics and trends to compliment branding, culture, and messaging.
  • Corporate Resources
    Access to accounting, digital, legal professionals, and much more to give your business added value and free up your time to run your business.


 Within the first four years of launching, LIME Painting generated roughly of $5.5 million with nearly $1.2 million gross profit. 

nick lopezNick Lopez, founder and CEO of LIME Painting, started his first paint company called Spartan College Painters while he was pursuing his business degree at Michigan State University as a means to support himself financially while working on his undergraduate degree.

With hard work, a willingness to serve, and a little luck, Nick stumbled upon a massive need in the market. High-end property owners were struggling to find a consistent and quality service providing custom coatings and restoration solutions for their homes.

After 5 years of refining the business model while attending Michigan State University, Nick launched Lime Painting in Denver, CO to prove out the scalable model he had developed to bring customers with high end properties high performance solutions with an easy, enjoyable, and refreshing experience. Within the first three years of launching, Lime Painting generated roughly of $5.5 million with nearly $1.2 million in gross profit. By the start of LIME Painting’s fourth year, Nick opened a second corporate location in Boulder, CO.

Today, Nick is scaling LIME Painting nationally with the Lime Painting franchise system throughout the southwest region of the country.



lime painting core values

Core Values

G.E.T. L.I.M.E.D. is an acronym that guides our values of gratitude, enthusiasm, tenacity, love, integrity, mission, excellence, and discipline.


customer excellence

Customer Excellence

Join and grow a culture that doesn’t settle for anything less than customer satisfaction.


giving back

Giving Back

As a successful business, it is important for Lime Painting to give back to the communities that have promoted the brand’s success.

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Lime Painting Franchise Business Opportunity