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Why SeoSamba?

michelSeoSamba offers a marketing solution that I believe no small business should go without.
A solution that I’m truly proud of and that can grow with you.
It’s a solid, no-nonsense foundation for any business, one that is grounded with small business priorities--the same marketing priorities we have for our own business and that we share with our customers.

Michel Leconte
SeoSamba founder

SeoSamba Corp.

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Camden, DE, 19934

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Laurent Delcamp


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Bonjour Laurent, merci pour votre temps ce matin. Veuillez trouver un devis ci-dessous. Il comprends 1 journée et demi d'intégration pour les formulaires. Je pense que cela devrait couvrir tous vos besoins et quelques imprévus. Cordialement, Michel

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Support services Support services

Item ID: 99

Webmaster and technical services
Note: Affiliate form integration + Placement opportunity form tracking integration. Testing and delivery. One-time charge.
$75.00 12 $900.00
Affiliate Network Licensing Fee Affiliate Network Licensing Fee

Item ID: 501

One-time fee for Affiliate merchant account setup and access.
Note: Assistance for campaign creation included. Media (banners, descriptions etc... ) provided by client. Can be supplied on request.
$800.00 1 $800.00
Affiliate Network Merchant Fee Affiliate Network Merchant Fee

Item ID: 502

Monthly minimum is $100. 12 months advanced payment required. Transaction fee assessed by SEO Samba is based on the advertiser's payout rate for publishers. For payout rates of $1 or greater the advertiser pays SEO Samba 10% times the payout rate per transaction. For payout rates less than $1, the advertiser pays SEO Samba $.20 per transaction.
Note: This is a yearly fee.
$100.00 12 $1,200.00


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