Scalable website builder, marketing and sales automation under one roof

SeoSamba offers integrated white-label CMS, Shopping Cart, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and marketing solutions ideally suited for traditional media, broadcasters and newspaper outlets wishing to build digital services offerings in their market.
  • Increase client retention
  • Improve predictability and ROI
  • Build recurring revenues
  • Maximize your websites
  • Automate SEO excellence
  • House social marketing under one roof
  • Promote global branding
  • Track marketing effectiveness
  • Open source CMS


Want to increase client retention and reduce negative churn?

Our multi-sites SEO, public relations, reporting and social marketing execution platform offers:

    • Private labeled marketing software platforms and services
    • End-to-end control over hosting, websites, blogs, SEO, public relations, and social
    • Marketing platform is self-service or co-managed depending on your needs
    • Integrated multi-sites SEO, social marketing, and reporting under your own brand

Your company will no longer feel limited by software or staffing constraints. SeoSamba’s cost-effective solutions are ideal for media organizations because they offer integrated technology — and scaling — for B2B, corporate, e-commerce or directory website building..

We offer resell-ready website design services to complement your in-house staff. Integrated mobile websites, online stores, affiliates systems, and directories allow you to introduce the latest technology to existing clients while providing the flexibility to market to larger accounts — all under one roof.

Choose your pricing plan, brand SeoSamba's framework as your own, and keep 100% of the profits.

offering breadth

Improve predictability and ROI

Most marketing solution providers charge premium prices to access the otherwise available PPC inventory of major search engines and social sites.

SeoSamba, on the other hand, offers a centralized URL and SEO rule engine that executes across remote websites and manages exceptions down to the individual page level. We distribute content and apps across blogs, PR, social and APIs because these channels are most effective, and least costly, in acquiring new customers.

Build lasting recurring revenues

Offer your clients subscription-based infrastructure and performance-based marketing services at a cost that does not price you out of the small business market. SeoSamba’s hub-and-spoke framework automates execution, entrenching your agency throughout your client's most valuable web marketing operations.

Maximize your website

Though your website is the focal point of your marketing, proprietary marketing automation solutions often lack scalability and customization levels.

SeoSamba’s professional open-source tools help you ally strategy, design and high performance marketing. Our open-source software is mobile responsive, socially networked, and connected to your CRM.

We boost your online presence whether your organization is B2B, B2C or e-commerce-focused. We help small businesses increase sales and conversions thanks to:

  • Automated SEO, PR, and social marketing
  • Email nurturing and referrals
  • Phone and web form lead tracking
  • Built-in lead generation tools include: downloads, quiz games and quick doc creation


Automate SEO excellence

While many marketing automation solutions simply recommend best practices, they leave SEO performance to your hard work and chance. SambaSaaS allows your organization to execute white hat SEO across any number of websites. Our software allows you to apply URLs and SEO rules in a few clicks, and to refine manually with ease. Our geo-located SEO helps you dominate local search results, while saving you money, time and aggravation.

SambaSaaS allows your organization to:

  • Upload sitemaps to Google
  • Set optimization rules
  • Back up and restore SEO versions
  • Scale to any number of pages/sites through cloud-based interface

Social marketing under one roof

In a globalized business world, social community building is not longer optional. From a marketing point, it’s vital. But updating and monitoring all your professional social networks can be burdensome. SeoSamba’ technology allows you to streamline your social strategies by publishing messages automatically to social networks and monitoring sales opportunities.

  • Schedule Tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn posts across all your social accounts
  • Curate news and blog feeds to cater fresh content to your social audience
  • Leverage social posts schedulers

Promote your brand globally

SambaSaaS’ press release distribution service helps create buzz and generate sales leads. Our unparalleled subscription service guarantees that your media business increases visibility by reaching content aggregators, journalist, and specialized bloggers across thousands of major print media.

Track your marketing effectiveness

SeoSamba places all quantitative and qualitative data at your fingertips with lead tracking automation and online marketing tools connected to your website. This frees you up to focus on sales. Among SeoSamba’s features:

  • Monitor phone and web leads, and cart purchases on a single screen
  • Integrate e-commerce, B2B quote engine, with automated email & SMS
  • Track, record and listen to sales calls; download to CSV with links to recordings
  • Get local or toll-free phone numbers worldwide and assign them to marketing support
  • Integrated merchandising; coupons, discounts, group-pricing, and email remarketing

SeoSamba’s website builder SeoToaster Ecommerce lets you design your store easily and rapidly, natively integrating all marketing dimensions, great customer service features, and powerful merchandising including couponing, group pricing, and email remarketing.

SeoToaster Ecommerce is also usually faster and less costly than trying to fix what's wrong with your current e-commerce system. That's why we call it plug-and-play e-commerce!

  • Send automated emails and SMS based on cart abandonment and purchase history
  • Build email and SMS marketing campaigns from SalesForce leads
  • Educate and reconnect with prospects to help your sales staff save precious time

Open source CMS

SeoSamba’s open source CMS, SeoToaster, is a user-friendly, browse-and-edit content management system that allows you to easily build, manage and market corporate sites, directories and e-commerce websites. Simply log on to your site, point and click to add or update any type of online content while keeping vital design and SEO code safe from harm. Our software features:

  • Fast system installation with setup wizard
  • Free customizable pre-packaged templates
  • Tutorials, cheat sheets and step-by-step videos
  • Easily manage images, videos and widgets
  • Customize themes, styles and layout at will
  • HTML 5 and CSS 3 compliant
  • Built-in Google news and Yahoo news compliant blog
  • W3C compliance output enhanced with web semantic microdata
  • Automated smart deeplinks, link sculpting, 301 redirects, and canonization