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Hub & spoke SEO technology?

Thanks to SeoSamba's SEO technology, you can build compelling websites that are search engine-optimized on a large scale while allowing copy edit through an easy-to-use content management system.

SeoSamba's hub & spoke technology is a patent pending architecture. allowing to scale your operations easily and build an unlimited number of websites while allowing for central SEO and Internet marketing execution.

SeoSamba hub & spoke SEO technology is composed of a software delivered as a service (SaaS) central command center that connects to an unlimited number of self-reliant remotely hosted websites locally powered by the #1 acclaimed - as ranked by the well respected website - open source CMS SEOTOASTER.

There is no hardware or software to purchase, and we can also provide hosting  for your website.

SeoSamba SEO technology features

High level overview

Build web sites using web standard XHTML/W3C/CSS and integrates easily with any application.
Optimize and automates all on-site SEO factors routines.
Handles an ever-increasing number of off-site SEO factors: Automated linking across web sites, automated deep-linking, RSS feeds, news distribution, press release distribution, etc.
Includes a proven, open source and e-commerce ready web-based content management system with an unlimited users license, customized to support SEO Samba.
Connect with best-of-breed applications you already use such as Constant Contact and
Even if your current web site is dynamic or features a shopping cart, you can still take advantage of SEO Samba's features set by purchasing our QuickStart Search Engine Optimization services.
Integrates out-of-the-box modules for universal searches, such as for Google News: see below.

Time-saving automation for both on-site and off-site SEO

Manage web sites by project and apply linking strategies and changes across multiple domains.
Format content using a powerful, open source, and very easy-to-use content management system which allows for virtually unlimited dynamic application integration.
The user management feature allows for the creation and management of any number of web site managers for content creation and update processes.
Build search engine-friendly URLs–in plain English.
Automated description and keywords meta tags creation.
Automated optimization of page titles, headers, navigation links, media tags, etc.
Automated internal and external deep linking. Save time and improve ranking with our deep linking technology, which allows for auto linking of targeted keywords/phrases to the most appropriate pages across one or multiple domains.
Manage web site lifecycles with SEO-compliant 301 page redirects. 301s are automatically generated upon content moves, as well as web site porting.
Automatically creates Java Script based links and content silos across your entire portfolio of websites with a simple point and click interface.
Automatically creates XML site map.
Manage and apply SEO rules across all or any number of projects/domains/sections/pages with a single click.
Complete hosting flexibility that augments cross-domain linking value. Your web site can be hosted close to the market it caters to. SEO Samba-powered sites require a standard configuration found at Hostgator, Godaddy, 1and1 and others.

Search engine optimized news module

Google News and Yahoo News offer a great way to promote web sites through a variety of online channels. Put simply, it can boost a web site's authority. It also allows reputation management SEO professionals to index pages within two minutes of their publication. Thanks to SEO Samba, you can easily meet all of Google News' stringent requirements, as well as those of other news aggregators inlcuding Yahoo News, and compete for your share of the prime universal search ranking's real estate. This is an ideal tool for online reputation management and online PR companies.

Generate search engine-optimized news automatically based on chosen SEO best practices.
Maximize exposure through social bookmarking, news aggregation, including Google News, RSS feeds distribution, email marketing and more.
Retain hard-earned traffic with a search-friendly news archive.
Create HTML and text-based versions of newsletters easily, then send them using your current email marketing application ( Constant Contact Vertical Response Emma etc...).
Automated search spider-friendly news scroller creation.
Unlimited number of news categories.
Automated RSS creation for each news category.
Track RSS subscription in a search engine-friendly way with embedded gifs.
Automatically creates news items XML sitemap and upload it to Google.
Aggregate news items across web sites to create unique newsletters and market to a cross-segment of your email list, then save these newsletters with one click to any of your web sites.

All you can eat Press Release distribution

When your news is in fact a Press Release SEO Samba takes it straight from your news section and distributes it automatically for free as part of your subscription services. Your small businesses is now free to communicate at will, augment sales leads, build inbound links to your website, and command attention from journalists and the blogosphere. It's as easy as logging into your SEO Samba account, going to your news module, and creating your press release. Click one checkbox, select a cross-section of market and industries, and your press release is on its way to a wide range of news aggregators and resources.

SEO Samba distributes your Press Releases automatically to:

More than 210,000 journalists
More than 265,000 bloggers
Top news & media websites, including:
• and NewsNow among many others.

Powerful Google automation

Single sign-on, log directly into SEO Samba with your Google Account.
Automatically creates both web and news XML sitemap and upload them to your Google Webmaster Tools account.
Pulls automatically your websites status into a dashboard along with the date stamp when Google last crawled your sites. This information is also available to agencies across their entire client portfolio.
Add Google Analytics code to your website automatically.
Verify your robots.txt file prior to upload against Google robots.txt analysis tool.
Increases Google crawling rate automatically after each update to your websites.
Point and click, same screen integration with Google Optimizer. Create landing page experiments automatically, and terminate experiment gracefully thanks to our automated routing to your best performing pages.
Builds Google News compliant facility

Next steps

Whether your existing web site is dynamic or static, corporate or e-commerce, we have crafted services packages to help you easily take advantage of the powerful features found in SEO Samba.
Contact us using the form, or consult our QuickStart SEO services and Managed SEO services offerings.